Socialism and Christianity

There are many who believe that to truly follow the Christ we must be Socialist.  They say this because of the general premise that Socialism fights for the socially downtrodden.  I do not intend to get into this here.  I think there is credence to this as well as doubts about this.  My belief about Socialism and Christianity is simple.  As someone who serves the Christ then we are His and we do not belong to this earth but to heaven.  If this is true (and I believe it so) then no man made way of being can work for us.  We must (as Christians) submit ourselves fully to God as a slave as someone who has no rights.  Our slavery is voluntary and we are able to leave it at any time.  When we proclaim to follow Christ then we must give up our own free will our own ability to make choices for ourselves our ability to decide who we marry, where we work, where we live, what we want to do and so on even down to the minutia of what we eat and drink.  As someone who follows Christ we must give it all up.

Marx said that religion is the “opiate of the masses”.  This is a common thought in Socialism.  Though to be fair there are many Christians who believe strongly that Socialism is the closest form of government to Christianity.  I would not agree.   Scripture does not support on form over another.

That being said I do believe strongly in many of the social concepts of Socialism.  I just do not see how Christians can support this form of government over another.  Scripture teaches very clearly that we are to help the poor.  (Mathew 25:31-36)  The Scriptures teach we are the care takers (not destroyers) of this entire world.  (Gen 1:26)  The Scriptures teach not to save up great wealth for ourselves. (Luke 12:16-21)  These are just a few things Scripture teaches about the poor, about money and about responsibility.

Here is my point through all this.  Scripture teaches that each individual is responsible not government. Scripture never teaches that government is responsible for anything other then protecting its citizens. Those who say government needs to do all this are lazy and do not want to do the work themselves.  They want someone else to do it for them.  They want to feel free from the burden of taking care of my brother and then they will not have to feel bad for not giving.   They are Cain saying “am I my brothers keeper” and they will get Cains reward in the end if they do not stand up and become “my brothers keeper”.  They say I give through the taxes I pay but the majority of folks do not actually pay taxes so this is a red herring.  Quit trying to argue why government should do what you are personally responsible to do.

I suggest as Christians (little Christ’s) that we quit sounding off that one form of government is better then another and start to live as Christ actually lived.  Remember he said “the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.”  Lets live more like that and quit trying to be friends to the world but go about creating revolution in the world and the kind of revolution that leads others to follow Christ to help the poor, to sell all one has and give it to the poor, to live as if this earth is not our home but we are only here for a temporary time period where we are meant to take care of this place while we transition to a better place.  This is not our end goal.  Our end goal is Glory.

Revolt. Revolt.  Do not follow the bourgeoisie anymore do not follow the proletariat anymore ONLY follow the Christ.  ONLY follow THE CHRIST.   Act as the Ambassador you are because remember we are not citizens here but only passing through to our permanent home where we will live in what is real.  That is what we are here to prepare for.  If we get caught up in this world and all that it has to offer instead of offering to this world all the next has to offer we are the ones off base.  ONLY FOLLOW THE CHRIST.

Repent of the evil that has overcome us.  I once was a strong promotor of human governing options now I only promote one option and that is Christ and Him alone.  REPENT CHANGE YOUR WAYS START THE REVOLT TODAY.



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